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Kitchen hoods are some of the most popular fire protection systems used in most businesses. The components of the system include the hood itself, exhaust, and ducting systems. The hood system vents airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, heat, and steam. The systems are designed according to the kitchen layout and appliances in the kitchen. With time, grease builds up and destroys the hood. Therefore, ensure that you seek regular hood cleaning services!

Benefits Of Hiring Our Commercial
hood cleaning services

Lower Risks of Fire Hazards

Reducing the risk of fire hazards is the main reason why people seek hood cleaning in Los Angeles CA. With time, grease builds up on kitchen hoods, and it increases the risk of fire hazards. Grease can easily ignite in any state.

Specialized Equipment and Tools

Hood cleaning requires the use of specialized tools and equipment that can cost a fortune for businesses to purchase on their own in order to get the work done effectively. Octo Pro Wash has all the tools needed for getting the job done in a proper manner.

Improved Airflow

A clean hood results in improved airflow and hence a more refreshing working environment for you. Octo Pro Wash hood cleaning helps to reduce odors and excess smoke that may be caused by grease and oils in your kitchen. Additionally, increased activities in a kitchen result in increased production of carbon monoxide in your kitchen, which is toxic to the health of your employees!

Increased Lifespan of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

When you hire a professional hood cleaning company for regular services, your kitchen exhaust fans will last longer. Professional hood cleaning in Los Angeles CA will also help to improve the performance of the power resistors in terms of exhausting odors and smoke in a kitchen.

Commercial Hood Cleaning In Los Angeles Is Important For The Safety Of Your Business

Hood Cleaning is a requirement by law for virtually every commercial cooking facility in the country. Hospitals, restaurants, and other foodservice locations have hood systems and ductwork over their stoves to exhaust smoke, steam, and fumes out of a building. The exhaust gases leave residue on the inside of ductwork. When grease builds up on hood systems, it creates fire hazards!

How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Hood Cleaning In Los Angeles?

Every kitchen exhaust system is different and the frequency really is determined on cooking volume and type of cuisine. This is why we’re here to guide you through any questions you may have about the frequency of when your hoods should be cleaned, just give us a call and we’d be happy to help you set up a plan that is right for you and your kitchen! As a restaurant owner or manager, you should ensure that you are hiring the best hood cleaning in Los Angeles CA to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen which will, in return, keep your business safe and prevent any possible fires, and we are the right company for you!

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